New Song: Sourdough

It’s perfectly fine to pick up new hobbies during quarantine. Just be careful not to let the hobby consume you! Your constant chatter about yeast cultures or kneading techniques will ultimately drive away those who love you. “Sourdough” is a cautionary tale, delivered via teary-eyed ballad, of a situation such as this.

“Songs For The Quarantimes” Livestream

UPDATE 6/6/2020 – The livestream has been postponed and will be rescheduled. Here’s our message to everyone: Hey y’all. We talked it over and we’ve decided that our particular brand of music isn’t the right tone for these difficult times. As such we’ll be postponing the livestream for a while. We hope to bring you…
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New Song: “Desperation Mustache”

We all have to try something new once in a while. Desperate times call for desperate measures, as they say, and boy are these times desperate. But unlike the facial hair that this song is based on, “Desperation Mustache” will really grow on you. This rock song draws inspiration from a number of sources: “What’s…
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New Song: “I Drink Bleach”

“I Drink Bleach” album art by Sometimes the jokes write themselves. We’re not happy about it either, but at least it gave us some good material. The first song to be released in our “Songs For The Quarantimes” series, “I Drink Bleach” is about just that. Why drink bleach? Because you’re free. Because you’re…
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EP Release/Quarantine Livestream

With the upcoming release of our six-song EP, we were planning on celebrating with a release party. Just a small gathering with a few good friends. Then the coronavirus happened. But we’re not gonna let a little global pandemic get us down! And now we can host a party even larger than before. So join…
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These Stains EP Now Available!

After several years of goofing around and a few months of actual work, we are proud to present the These Stains Are Who I Am EP. That’s six (6) of our best songs remastered for your listening pleasure. Now available on Spotify, Bandcamp, and pretty much anywhere else you can find music digitally. Fall in…
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