Who Are “These Stains Are Who I Am”?

We’re two friends making good songs with dumb lyrics.

Creating honest art is difficult. That’s why we don’t hide the fact that we’re frauds. We draw our inspiration from a variety of genres and write lyrics stemming from the first idea that comes to our heads, no matter how silly. The music we create at least cracks us up. We hope that you might enjoy it as well.

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Latest News

“The Concert” Is Here!

30+ Songs, dozens of genres, and 50+ minutes of music. A fully playable, text-based, choose-your-own-adventure game. Welcome to The Concert: An Interactive Aural Odyssey! The Concert is both an album[…]

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"The Sound Check EP" cover art

The Sound Check EP

A few months ago we announced our next project, “The Concert: An Interactive Aural Odyssey,” an album / choose-your-own-adventure game. Now we are pleased to report that recording is complete,[…]

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Our Next Project

Here at These Stains Enterprises, we take every ridiculous idea very seriously. So when Andrew said “let’s make a choose-your-own-adventure album,” we had no choice but to comply to the[…]

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