Every song by These Stains tells a story. Not always a good one, but a story nonetheless. Each song has a story behind it, too. Often the same story – one of us said something silly and we rolled with it – but sometimes it’s better than that.

Here’s a breakdown of every song recorded by These Stains. The lyrics, the stories they tell, the stories behind them, andou links to listen, download, buy, etc.

More music coming soon!
“Kicked Out Of Guitar Center” – December 2023
“Drunk On Fall” – October 2023
“The Concert: An Interactive Aural Odyssey” – July 2023
“Blew Up The Moon” b/w “Let’s Get Hot” – November 2022
“The Taste of the Smell of a Horse” b/w “Spooky Street” – October 2022
“Firesword 2” – February, 2022
“The Raccoon King” (Single) – January 2022
Cave of Splendor cover art
“Cave of Splendor” (Single) – August 2021
“Lift” – April 2021
“Your Eyes Are Like Stars” – February 2021
“My Simulation” – December 2020
“Ketchup Packet” – November 2020
“Beat Shop” – October 2020
“Shorts” – August 2020
“You Had Everything” – July 2020
“Sourdough” – July 2020
“Desperation Mustache” – May 2020
“I Drink Bleach” – May 2020
“These Stains Are Who I Am” EP – March 2020
“Christmas In Hell” – December 2019