Every song by These Stains tells a story. Not always a good one, but a story nonetheless. Each song has a story behind it, too. Often the same story – one of us said something silly and we rolled with it – but sometimes it’s better than that.

Here’s a breakdown of every song recorded by These Stains. The lyrics, the stories they tell, the stories behind them, and links to listen, download, buy, etc.

“The Concert: An Interactive Aural Odyssey” – July 2023
“Blew Up The Moon” b/w “Let’s Get Hot” – November 2022
“The Taste of the Smell of a Horse” b/w “Spooky Street” – October 2022
“Firesword 2” – February, 2022
“The Raccoon King” (Single) – January 2022
Cave of Splendor cover art
“Cave of Splendor” (Single) – August 2021
“Lift” – April 2021
“Your Eyes Are Like Stars” – February 2021
“My Simulation” – December 2020
“Ketchup Packet” – November 2020
“Beat Shop” – October 2020
“Shorts” – August 2020
“You Had Everything” – July 2020
“Sourdough” – July 2020
“Desperation Mustache” – May 2020
“I Drink Bleach” – May 2020
“These Stains Are Who I Am” EP – March 2020
“Christmas In Hell” – December 2019