“Beat Shop”

“Beat Shop” – October 2020

The story of a boy in need of employ.

“Beat Shop” actually began as “Vape Shop,” after a scene in Dicktown in which someone works the night shift in a local vape shop. Deciding that wasn’t quite on-brand, we rewrote the silly rhymes to be more appropriate for the music.

The music, however, was always funky. We had a lot of fun turning jams into structured solos and arranging all the horn and keyboard parts. But the combo falsetto call with the down-pitched response really seals the deal.


Working all night at the beat shop
Four on the floor, make you want some more
Working all day at the meat shop
Ham and steak to fill your plate
Weekend sitting in the seat shop
Put your derriere in this easy chair
Working all night at the beat shop

Overnight scoring at the cleat shop
Earn some fame at the soccer game
Afternoon snacking at the treat shop
Move your fanny for some candy
Weekend stalking by the wheat shop
Cereal grain to feed your brain
Overnight scoring at the cleat shop

I’m working all the time ‘cause I’m a lover of rhyme
If you shop has E-A-T then you got me