“Cave of Splendor”

Cave of Splendor cover art
“Cave of Splendor” – August 2021

AKA “Firesword 2 (Part 2)”

“Cave of Splendor” is where the story of Firesword 2 really takes off. Our hero finds themselves lost in a deep cave underground, only to discover a society of talking animals. A real emotional roller coaster, our hero goes from fear to curiosity to elation to greed and… well, you’ll see what happens next!

We decided to make this the first single from Firesword 2 mostly because it was fully written, no changes needed. But also “Cave of Splendor” showcases a lot more versatility than many of our other songs: dynamic vocal harmonies, several tempo changes, and a saxophone section, just to name a few.


There’s darkness all around
Stalactites hanging down, confound me
Sourceless echoes off the walls
One wrong step and I might fall, and lose me

Cave of terror, will I ever leave?

All of a sudden, some crystals start to glow
And standing on a cliff I see a city down below
From little houses animals head towards a giant hall
Mice and racoons come with food while squirrels and rabbits guard the walls

I clamber down right through the gates, not fearing any danger
At once a vole approaches me, says “welcome, dearest stranger!”
He leads me past a treasure horde and sits me at the feast
“Cheers to all,” then we begin to eat

Cave of splendor, I will never leave!

We’ve had our fill but still the banquet never seems to end
And I can’t avoid the sight of all these goblets, coins, and gems
I look around, and smile from ear to ear
Pocket a coin – surely I have nothing to fear

Cave of splendor, you will never leave!