“Christmas In Hell”

“Christmas In Hell” – December 2019

The story of a boy and his holiday party.

In the fall of 2019, Andrew really wanted to write a Christmas song. But we are These Stains Are Who I Am, so we couldn’t play it straight. At the risk of offending any religious relatives of ours, we came up with the concept of “Christmas In Hell.” It would be a holiday-themed Monster Mash of sorts featuring all the hell-related figures we could think of from various mythologies: demons, Sisyphus, Hades, Dante, Virgil, Loki, Hel, and of course, Satan.

After working through some initial chords together, Andrew augmented the arrangement with all the usual holiday sounds: sleigh bells, tubular bells, and Mariah Carey-esque staccato piano. Ben added some classic rock-and-roll guitars, completing our instant holiday classic. Andrew’s girlfriend, Rose, once again helped us with the cover art, taking our photo while we were tied up in rope lights.

Unintentionally, this song had our best production quality to date. This certainly increased our confidence as we started remastering our back catalog for our EP.