“Death Breakfast”

“Death Breakfast” – August 2019

The story of a boy and his breakfast.

I hesitate to mention “Death Breakfast,” but I think it’s an important lesson about the creative process. Sometimes you need to work through bad ideas to get to the good ideas. This song was the bad idea. – Ben

Ben and Andrew had both moved to new, separate apartments over the summer and they needed to get back to writing music together. After a warm-up jam session, they didn’t immediately have any winning ideas. Thinking back to “Punchline”s quick turnaround, they still thought they should record something. So they went with… grindcore? Sure, why not.

The track doesn’t have much music, just some loud guitars and crashing drums over which Andrew grumbles some words. We did have fun with the cover for this one, grabbing a still from video of Andrew tearing open an oatmeal packet. Some say there is still loose oatmeal in the corners of Ben’s kitchen to this very day.