“Firesword 2”

“Firesword 2” – February 2022


  1. Solid Ground
  2. Cave of Splendor
  3. The Raccoon King
  4. Skirmish
  5. The Turncoat
  6. Solid Ground, Pt. 2

The cycle begins anew… Journey underground to a world of talking animals, tyrannical rulers, and epic battles in this “sequel” to our epic prog-rock tale. 

Our songs often have “jokes,” or at least center around a silly premise. With Firesword 2, the only joke is that we’re seriously writing a progressive rock epic.

This is what happens when we take the joke too far.

Firesword was a journey into space; Firesword 2 takes us underground. Firesword tries to recreate some of that 70’s prog sound; Firesword 2 sounds like These Stains at our finest. Firesword was a hasty collection of music fragments; Firesword 2 is six complete, independent, yet intertwined songs.

We’ve really outdone ourselves this time.

Firesword 2 features alto sax from our friend Cameron Glass. Go listen to his band Magnificent Danger, they do incredible, upbeat brass band arrangements of video game music. The album art was done by our friend John Flanagan. You can check out his work on Instagram @jgrayflan and buy a t-shirt on Teepublic.