“Firesword: Intro/Adventure Begins/Confrontation/Into The Hypercube/Prime Numbers/Denoumént”

“Firesword” – April 2019. Art by D_Letion (@D_Letion1 on Twitter)

The story of a boy and his hypercube.

When Ben was in high school, his friend Adam introduced him to progressive rock. This ruined Ben’s taste in music for years to come. But brought together by common interest, they dreamed of writing their own multi-part, 20+ minute suite of songs; their own prog rock epic. Back then they didn’t get beyond a short jam session and a name for the song: “Firesword.”

About 10 years later, Andrew showed Ben a piece of music he was working on where each phrase changes time signature, increasing in duration based on the sequence of prime numbers. Coincidentally, Ben had recently uncovered a recording of that high school jam session. These two concepts paired so nicely together, they immediately started writing additional segments to string it all together as a 6-part, 9-minute mini-epic. After a decade, “Firesword” was complete.

“Intro” fades from the original recording into the new music, where the legend of the Firesword is laid out. “Adventure Begins” introduces the protagonist, searching for something more in life. “Confrontation” sees our protagonist facing his greatest challenge: a multi-dimensional hypercube (duh). “Into The Hypercube” describes the new reality experienced by our hero. “Prime Numbers” builds and builds on the same phrase as spacetime collapses (obviously). And “Denoumént” closes the loop by beginning the tale all over again.


I – Intro

Everyone loves a journey
With treasures to claim and wild beasts to tame
Searching for truth and for glory
A meaning, a feeling, a sword made of flame
A hero will rise, and to your surprise
The chosen one is you

II – Adventure Begins

I cut down my foes, great fortune amassed
Amorous conquest, but the joy doesn’t last
I’ve dined with kings, philosophers, too
Consulted the oracles, I don’t know what to do

Searching without, fighting within
Where the road ends adventure begins

Searching without, fighting within
Where the road ends adventure begins

At last, I’ve found it!

III – Confrontation

Silly human, why do you struggle?
You cannot defeat what you cannot comprehend
I will rend your matter across all dimensions

IV – Into The Hypercube

Riding on wavelengths of time, space condensed into a line
Gentle nuclear forces power the sublime
Polynomial colors all around, taste the light and see the sound
Floating aimlessly, at one with sky and ground

Freezing warm and burning cold, dying young and living old
Energy and matter beginning to unfold

V – Prime Numbers

Super gravity
Quantum reciprocity

VI – Denouemént

Everyone loves a journey
The answers and questions were one in the same
Spacetime restored and disrupted
Entropically balanced, a sword made of flame
Another will rise, to no one’s surprise
The cycle begins anew