“I Can’t Dance”

“I Can’t Dance” – February 2018

The story of a boy in the club.

Andrew, the band’s primary producer, had been honing his skills with Ableton Live since we started recording together. Around this time he was figuring out vocoders and other vocal modulation tools. “I Can’t Dance” was our first foray into songwriting with vocoder effects, though they would appear again in Andrew’s song “Robot Love” as well as in other Stains tracks “Die Party Im Tanzclub” and “Firesword.”

We decided a vocoder would work well with an electronic dance song. Ben, who prefers playing music to dancing to it, decided to make it an anti-dance song of sorts. The protagonist of the song is forced against his will to dance, is terrible at it, but through humiliation eventually comes around to enjoying himself. Just like real life!