“Shorts” – August 2020

The story of a boy and his shorts.

After a tough spring spent mostly indoors, we wanted to celebrate the warm summer with a song. A folksy love ballad sprung forth, dedicated to the best part of the season: short pants.

We kept production to a minimum on this one, letting the vocals and acoustic guitar shine on their own. Shooting and designing the cover was a lot of fun, down to the homage to The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds. We also put shorts in a tree and filmed it for some reason.


When it’s spring
The birds will chirp and bells will ring
But not everything will be so bright
‘Cause it’s a bummer
To endure the rain and wait for summer
When everything will be alright

Oh the autumn’s worst of all
For you fall down with the leaves
And winter’s bitter sees us
Bundle up against the freeze
There’s only one brief season
Where I feel the breeze between my knees in

Shorts, shorts, shorts
Shorts, shorts shorts

I’m in the park
From sun at morn ‘til moon at dark
The grass caress my calf, I heave a sigh
And at the beach
With not a zip or sleeve in reach
I join in by exposing shin and thigh

Keep your khakis at the office
Leave the hems and pleats and seams
How can you go swimming
If you’re weighed down in your jeans?
Skip and dance and run and prance
And most of all feel free while wearing

Shorts, shorts, shorts
Shorts, shorts, shorts,
We’re all wearing shorts, shorts, shorts
Shorts, shorts, shorts

And after all
The summer spills into the fall
And winter warms its way into spring
Well my heart yearns
As certain as the seasons turn
For my shorts and all the joy they bring