“The Raccoon King”

“The Raccoon King” – January 2022

AKA “Firesword 2 (Part 3)”

“The Raccoon King” is Firesword 2 in a nutshell: stylistic shifts, soaring guitar solos, vocal harmonies, and drama! Will our protagonist be doomed to serve in the underground mines forever? Or can he convince the Raccoon King to spare him? Listen to find out!

We originally “finished” this one in late 2021, but we sat on it until we got a bit farther along with the rest of Firesword 2. And it was worth it: the extra time helped us refine our sound and improve the mix, making this grand tale of ours sound even more epic.


I’m The Racoon King, and from me you stole
Now you’re never gonna leave this hole
It’s gonna take more than one coin to pay the toll

I’ll throw you down into the deepest mine
You’ll sweat, bleed, toil, scream, suffer and cry
There’s nowhere to run, I’ll work you till you die

King I beg you have mercy on me
I meant no offense, your majesty
Strange, frightful forces have crossed our paths
Please let me serve you and calm your vicious wrath

You want a task that will set you free?
Lay down your life and fight with me ‘gainst
the Ant-Agonists from the nearby colony

They have an object of my desire
More than any treasure could inspire
The legends say, it’s a sword made of living fire

Were my dreams a prophecy?
Both my future and memory?
It seems my destiny has been foretold
I will fight and claim the Firesword!

This has been an auspicious day
Now grab a weapon and join the fray
And if you live… I’ll let you walk away